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Protect your Guests and your Employee Safety

The RAD-SFA2 bundle is the perfect solution, offering the ideal protection to your Guests from any unnecessary contact with your Staff, provided your BnB has a Regular (Wooden or Aluminum) Door installed (Not a Security Door).

Once your AVATON IoT is installed in your room/apartment/villa/office and connected to the CENTURION platform, you obtain full control and monitoring of your rental property 24/7.

  • Provide your guests auto check in and auto checkout, complying with COVID-19 regulations by applying social distancing.
  • Your Guests will be able to open the building entrance door by using the Radefy App.
    • Changing the building entrance lock is not required.
    • No mechanical key required.
  • Your Guests will be able to open the room/apartment/villa/office door by using the Radefy App and their personal access code to be used with the Bluetooth Lock’s integrated keypad.
  • Issue e-keys remotely, Service your Guests from your office or from anywhere in the world, without ever having to be in direct contact.
  • Control the usage of the A/C, the thermostat and the lights in your rental.
  • Set the power switch to turn OFF during the no revenue checkout – Check in period.
  • Lower your rental’s operating costs by saving on check in, checkout costs and reducing your rental’s electricity spending, by optimizing usage.

Not Included: Installation, Cables, Electric Strike, Smart Thermostat Plug, External Keypad



AVATON IoT Smart Device

Our proprietary IoT Smart Device gateway, AVATON, is embedded with technology that allows it to connect to the internet via the local WiFi network and with any Bluetooth device within its range. Once connected, AVATON becomes the connection point between our Cloud platform CENTURION and all the devices in the rental property connected to it.



An Ideal solution for Auto Check in and Auto Checkout

The RAD-101 Smart Bluetooth Lock with integrated Keypad, is perfect for Hotels, BnBs, Hostels, Student Dorms, and Rental Office Spaces. Once connected to the AVATON IoT, you can fully control the lock from the CENTURION Dashboard. The lock allows Guests and Staff access through the RADEFY mobile app and the personalized Access Pin, used with the lock’s Keypad. Capable of storing Unlimited e-keys, the e-key are activated when the Check in date and time arrives and are automatically deleted when the checkout date and time passes.

SKU: RAD-SFA2 Category:
Product Name: Safe Access 2 Entrance With: Mobile App, Access Code
Model Number: RAD-SFA2 Auto Checkout: YES
Provider: RADEFY Control Parameters: YES (A/C, Thermostat, Lights, Hot Water)
Avaton IoT: 1 Unit RAD-AV9 Event Logs: YES
Bluetooth Lock: 1 Unit RAD-101 model Audit Trail: YES
Centurion: YES 12 Month Subscription Remote Control: YES, Building main Door, Room Door, Connected Appliances (A/C, Thermostat Lights, Hot Water)
Auto Check In: YES Staff Scheduled Access: YES
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1 unit per box; Box Dimensions 430 x 110 x 230mm; Gross Weight 3.3kg


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