Centurion, the Secure Property Access & Cost Management by RADEFY.

MEET Centurion

Centurion, the Secure Property Access & Cost Management by RADEFY, is a cloud-based Guest access and energy cost control platform for the hospitality industry.

Centurion’s customers are not require to invest, install on their premises and maintain servers, controllers and complicated lengthy cable networks, nor are they required to employ expert, on-site personnel, to monitor their system 24/7, perform routine backups and Database clean ups.

Centurion works for you 24/7 performing, system performance monitoring, security upgrades, that are instantly and automatically implemented to ensure that you experience zero business downtime while being protected by its latest security technology.

Main Benefits

  • No servers or controllers required.
  • No cabling in your building or rooms.
  • No Plastic Cards or charge per e-key.
  • Available 24/7, always up-to-date and secure.
  • Connect with you PMS using our API.
  • Connect to your Channel Manager.
  • Automate e-key issue and delivery.
  • Manage the use of power intensive appliances in the room (AC, Lights, Thermostat) and control your costs.
  • Advanced fallback mode in the event power or the internet goes down.

Access Features

Centurion fully automates the check-in and checkout experience. Contact and booking information will be automatically uploaded to Centurion and immediately converted to e-keys that are sent to your guests, without the need for your staff to perform any task.

Energy Cost Control

Centurion’s unique cost control features, offers a unique cost advantage.  Connect all intensive energy consuming appliances (AC, Thermostat, Lights, etc) in the room with Centurion and set, guest friendly but business smart operating parameters that will reduce your energy cost in every room.

A Centurion at Work

Centurion guards your guest access from the cloud, providing hotels, hotel chains, hostels and BnBs, with flexibility, control and easy integration with any other system or platform used to manage the property.

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