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Centurion guards your guest access from the cloud, providing hotels, hotel chains, hostels and BnBs, with flexibility, control and easy integration with any other system or platform used to manage the property.

Main Features

  • Automatic Guest key management
  • Automatic Staff key management
  • Mobile Key and Access code used
  • Parameter based control & monitoring of in room AC, Lights, Thermostat, Electric switch
  • Audit trail logs and reports
  • Booking Channel Integration ready
  • PMS system integration
  • Fallback mode
  • Centurion Access Management front desk web portal
  • Centurion Cost Management front desk web portal
  • Streamlined configuration of access control systems and hardware
  • Enhanced system scalability and availability
  • Monitor and control all your properties located anywhere in the world from one web portal
  • Uses Microsoft AZURE security best practices and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • All Centurion’s data stored on Microsoft Azure is encrypted and decrypted transparently using the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bitAES encryption,
  • All Centurion Access Management Services are offered across all time 0, with 0 downtime
  • All Centurion data stored in databases are automatically backed up every hour, for 60 days.
  • Centurion safeguards and ensures through automatic security updates, data safety and system integrity

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