Vision Statement

To accelerate the automation of the BnB industry in a customer centric and secure way.

Mission Statement

To create the most compelling automated BnB systems, helping customers reduce operating costs and discover new revenue streams.

Meet Radefy

Radefy is a technology company operating in the Hospitality industry in general and the BnB segment in particular.

Conceptualized by Athanasios Piliounis and Alexandros Piliounis and assisted in the development by George Benecos and Anastasios Taskaris, Radefy has developed a proprietary IoT Smart Device (SD) controlled by its proprietary cloud platform.


Once the SD is installed in a Rental property, Radefy’ s proprietary cloud platform, allows the property owner or the rental property manager to perform the following critical operations:

  • Set up all rental properties on the Radefy Dashboard
  • Set parameters for the use of the air condition and thermostat in each apartment
  • Issue manually or automatically e-keys with a start & end time and date for Guests and employees
  • Through our Channel Manager partnerships, receive booking information and allow our platform to automatically issue and send e-keys to your Guests for the period they have rented your rental
  • View for each rental, telemetry information on all devices connected to the SD
  • View event data, for each action executed by every connected device in a rental apartment
  • Receive notifications if any of your rental apartments loses connectivity with our platform due to a power failure or internet service disconnection
  • Receive notifications if Bluetooth Lock battery is low so you can proactively arrange to change it
  • Receive notifications if WiFi network signal is low so you can proactively check it.
  • Fully automate all above operations and receive reports to monitor performance
  • Control your rental properties and manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Through the Radefy mobile app, the rental property’s Guest will be able to:

  • Access the building door
  • Access the rental apartment door
  • Allow all people staying in the rental to download and use the app
  • Contact the owner directly by pressing the “Contact the Owner” button in the case of a problem.
  • Receive notifications from the owner or property manager with suggestions or recommendations of what to see and what to do, in the rental’s surrounding area.
  • Purchase local services through the app during his stay.
  • Rate the rental property experience
  • With the use of the Radefy Guest app will receive his e-key with predefined arrival and departure dates and times.