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Radefy Centurion product RAD-CEN-1M 14,90 Excl. VAT for 1 month


2,00 Excl. VAT for 2 days

TEST €1/day

An Ideal solution for Auto Check in and Auto Checkout

The RAD-CEN6M offers 2 days access for only 1€/day to the CENTURION platform. Once your AVATON IoT is installed in your room/apartment/villa/office and connected to the CENTURION platform, you obtain full control and monitoring of your rental property 24/7.

  • Provide your guests auto check in and auto checkout, comply with COVID-19 regulations by applying social distancing.
  • Issue e-keys remotely, Service your Guests from your office or from anywhere in the world, without ever having to be in direct contact.
  • Control the usage of the A/C, the thermostat and the lights in your rental.
  • Lower your rental’s operating costs by saving on check in, checkout costs and reducing your rental’s electricity spending, by optimizing usage.

SKU: RAD-CEN-6M-1 Category:
Product Name: Centurion Entrance With: Mobile App, Access Pin
Model Number: RAD-CEN-6M Auto Check Out YES
Provider: Radefy Event Logs: YES
Access Management YES Audit Trail: YES
Power Cost Control: YES API YES
Remote Control: YES, Building main Door, Room Door, Connected Appliances