Let RADEFY’s Technology

Run Your Rentals Efficiently and More Profitably

Manage all your Electrical Devices

Connect your AVATON IoT Smart device to your rental’s electrical board. Integrate all electrical appliances onto the AVATON IoT SD, set the parameters for each device and sit back and let RADEFY Connect auto manage your rental’s electrical devices for you.

  • Manage the use of electricity in your rentals and save hundreds of euros each year.
  • Manage all your properties from anywhere in the world with the easy to use RADEFY Connect cloud platform.

Manage e-keys for Staff and Guests

  • Issue manually or automatically, e-keys for your Guests and never have to worry again what time your Guests arrive or depart.
  • Issue e-keys for your staff and monitor when they enter and when they leave the property.
  • Revoke e-keys, extend e-key access, create e-keys for scheduled access.
  • Integrate with any of our Chanel Manager Partners and automate your Guest experience
  • No more waiting for your Guests, no more lost keys no need to change the locks again due to the loss of the keys.

Your One Stop management Platform

RADEFY Connect’ s,  easy-to-use dashboard, provides you with a single point where you can manage all your rental’s operating functions, from anywhere at any time from any device.

We work hard for you, so you can earn more!